Commercial carpet Cleaning Service

For professional quality commercial carpet cleaning in cook county, IL, business owners put their trust in Stratus Building Solutions. We are one of the leading companies in the industry providing advanced solutions to old and brushed-off carpets. Our latest machinery and hardworking cleaners are enough to make your rugs as good as new.

Advanced Tools – Thorough Procedures

Commercial carpets are not like residential ones. They are different in terms of material, size, and heaviness. Only the right machines can wash them properly. Professional companies have special agents who are trained to handle such equipment. Stratus Building Solutions is one such company. We pride ourselves on having the best and latest high-end machinery for carpet washing and drying. With the help of these tools, your commercial building rug will become clean to the core.

Also, we have the best handlers to operate these machines. All of our workers are experienced in the industry and know how commercial carpet cleaning works well. They have completed the potential training necessary to get the best out of the heavy equipment. Like all organizations, we have senior cleaners who evaluate the carpet material and use specific tools and step-by-step procedures to yield the best results.

Counties We Serve

Lake County

Lake County, IL

McHenry County

McHenry County, IL

Cook County

Cook County, IL

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