post construction cleaners
in DuPage county, IL

Is your building full of debris and unnecessary items after remodeling? Don’t worry; Stratus Building Solutions is here with its best post-construction cleaners in DuPage County, IL. We pride ourselves on having active cleaners who can work in all kinds of buildings directly with your construction company to transform your old place into a newer and cleaner one.

How our post-construction cleanup works

Our cleaners adopt a detailed approach to provide the best cleanup after construction. It does not only involve picking up scraps and sweeping the area. Instead, our process is vast and ends up making the place more sparkling than ever. A general overview of our post-construction cleanup involves:
  • Removing scraps, junk, and useless materials
  • Sweeping the floor and eliminating dust/dirt
  • Vacuuming the floor, rug, and upholstery
  • Removing stickers or other sticky junk
  • Using cleaning detergents on new and old materials
  • Ensure the constructed object is mounted right
Remember that this is just a process overview. The exact steps may vary depending upon the type of construction, your package, and the building type. Providing a personalized cleaning plan is one of the reasons why our services are top of the chart.

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