Post construction cleaning service

When your building just had a renovation, hiring Stratus Building Solutions can help clean up the after-mess as quickly as possible. Our post-construction cleaning service in Cook County, IL, adopts a thorough approach and involves custom steps to provide you with a neater, fresher, and newer area.

Why hire professionals?

Construction can be messy, and it can be even messier in commercial sectors. The bigger the space, the more cleaning it requires. Regular maids may make the area dirt-free but cannot remove all the germs, hidden nails, and wood parts from beneath the materials. This is the job of post-construction cleaning professionals.

Many people ask the same company who constructed the section to clean up the space afterward. It may be light on the wallet, but it’s also lighter on the quality. Construction workers are only good at building. They will not provide the same quality of neatness as a professional cleaning company. In turn, you will only get a junk removal service without proper washing. On the other hand, hiring experts from Stratus Building Solutions is favorable as we can deliver a neater, germ-free, and polished area to adorn the renovated section.

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