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Stratus Building Solutions is a new, rapidly growing name as a quality provider of power washing in DuPage county, IL, and nearby areas. Our right technology, coupled with trained staff, yields incredible results that customers love. We focus on providing a clean environment for all through our high-quality and result-oriented methods.

Power Washing for the commercial sector

Power washing, also called pressure washing, is the cleaning procedure that uses advanced machines to spray high-pressure water on surfaces (concrete, wood, brick, etc.). The high speed and force of water break away the congested mud particles and stubborn spots otherwise impossible to remove with regular sweeping. In the commercial sector, power washing usually involves the use of hot water as it eliminates permanent stains quickly.

For commercial buildings, power washing proves to be extremely beneficial as these places experience high human traffic. They are bound to receive stubborn stains. Oil and grease spots are also common in public structures. Pressure washing can not only get rid of these but also extend the life of your building’s exterior by removing decaying particles and potential rots. You can get these advantages of power washing DuPage County and many more by choosing Stratus Building Solutions.

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